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Never Get Movement confused with Progress

Never Get Movement confused with Progress

In Life, our path has many turns, bumps and even obstacles. That said, we must be focused and diligent in learning from our circumstances to keep moving toward progress. However, oftentimes, we get movement in our lives confused with progress. You see movement does not mean progress. We can be going from side to side. We could be going backward, retracing paths already taken because we are too afraid of what’s ahead. These are all signs of definite movement, but movement like this does not necessarily indicate progress. If we think real long and hard about it, we will be open to understanding the difference between the two.

Movement is about motion and that’s it. That’s why going from side to side, or situation to situation, or going backward, i.e. re-tracing steps already taken without resolution only signifies motion, but not necessarily progress. You see progress is all about change. When we resist change, we are putting obstacles in our own path the can halt our progress. Without change, we will not grow. Change is not always easy, but it is always necessary for forward movement, and that is the definition of progress. Life is hardest when we resist change and when resistance stops, progress can commence. Progress incited by change can lead to a wealth of opportunities we never even imagined. The things we fear most about changing disappears and then we can see how much better we are for that change, making the progress totally visible to all. Therefore, always remember it is best never to get Movement confused with Progress. We must change our range to navigate the motion in our ocean.

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Tracie Christian

April 28th, 2018

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