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Never Let a Hard Lesson Harden Your Heart

Never Let a Hard Lesson Harden Your Heart

Hard Lesson Heart

Lessons come to us from the moment we enter the Earth. When we are babies, the lessons come to us so swift and often that it’s at least a year before we know how to put everything we’ve learned together. Crawling, standing up and eventually walking were load of lessons our parents were eager to see we learned and mastered. However as we age and mature Darlings, the lessons get heavier and harder to take on especially when it takes us through circumstances that we don’t like. You know how it is people. We like the glow of the glory but the sting in the story? Yeah, you can keep that right? Well family, I’m going to need you to remember that hard lessons make us strong and in the room of success, only the strong belong.

Our Hardest Lessons often lead us to our Biggest Blessings. Since only the Creator knows what is on the road ahead of us, it’s his job to prepare us for the unknown. When the lesson is learned, however hard it may be, the blessing we can’t see is sure to follow and it’s almost always bigger than we ever dreamed. Be aware though, that if those hard lessons are not handled properly, one can become cynical, bitter and pessimistic. Those traits kill character and killed character can’t cop the blessing because they’re emotional baggage behind the hard lesson is blocking it! You cannot get to the good if you wear your lessons as a hood people. So don’t be a heard head ’bout to fall on that hard ass…just let it go. Whatever hurt you, heal and keep it to moving. Give it the time it requires so the pain can expire and you can let go of the bad taste it left in your mouth and over your heart. The Heart is intended to pump stuff in and out so your entire body can get the love it needs. That can’t happen if your heart is too hard to pump at all. It will bust and life as you know it ends. It’s as simple as that. Life is too short to give it up that way so always remember Never let a Hard Lesson Harden Your Heart for time heals all wounds so our heart should never stop.

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Tracie Christian

March 19th, 2016

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