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Old Keys Can’t Open New Doors!

Old Keys Can’t Open New Doors!

Estate agent handing house keys over

You’ve been going around in circles, trying the same tactics to solve familiar woes and it has gotten you nowhere fast. You then find yourself frustrated and in need of a new outlook. Well, they say, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”  ”Old keys can’t open new doors.” That’s why change is good and necessary throughout the various phases of life, no matter how hard it is to make.

The key is embracing openness to innovation and that only comes with the willingness to accept that what you’ve been doing is not working. It takes maturity to admit a change is needed. New moves initiate new grooves and where the key to one door is not working, try throwing open a window. When something we have been doing for years suddenly or seemingly so, stops working, it can frustrate us to the point of giving up. However quitting never gives you the result you’re looking for. It only halts the growth. Instead, allow your mind to wrap itself around the concepts of trying something different to achieve the goal. You can’t knock down the door? Then, find a way to get someone on the inside to open it so you can just walk through. Can’t take the elevator? Find the stairs. When one door closes, be prepared to cut a new key to that door with new strategies you never tried before. You never know…you just might get it. Nothing beats a failure, but a try and that’s why we should ALWAYS move to change because “old keys will not open new doors.” No matter how many times you try to use them.

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Tracie Christian

February 27th, 2016

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