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Prevent What Can Happen Later NOW

Prevent What Can Happen Later NOW

While it is true that no one can ever foresee the future, it is totally possible to prevent what might happen in the future by doing whatever it takes to prevent that occurrence now. All my grown folks are probably already putting this logic into action but for those who don’t really understand what I mean, the following examples are for you. If you don’t want to get pregnant, taking birth control before engaging in sex is one way to prevent what can happen in the future during your present. If you don’t want to fail a test, study the info you will be tested on. If you don’t wish to continue in a toxic relationship for years on end, well end that sucker now and you won’t have to worry about it killing your future.

The truth is procrastination rarely ever gives us anything beyond a pound of disappointment. If you want to make yourself throw-up-in-your-mouth sick, procrastinate on something important to you, and I promise when you see all the trouble that comes from waiting until the very last minute, you will surely come correct the next time. Nothing can make your butt itch more than the madness that comes with last-minute action. It’s piss poor at best and horrendously screwed at worst so if neither of those options will work for you, then you better make it a practice to prevent what can happen later right Now. Why you ask because time is of the essence. It is the one commodity that we can NEVER get back. Furthermore, if you fail to plan please know the plan will fail and the only thing worse than failure in the present is future failures due to lack of preparation. In short, PREP to get to your Best as it is the only way How you beat the ass of procrastination Right Freaking NOW!

As always it is my pleasure to offer up another B Cyde MENTAL MEAL for all to chew on throughout your week. Be sure to Plan to Join the Jam this and every Saturday at 11 am w/the show dubbed the Soul Train of Radio, Back on the B Cyde only on

Tracie Christian

June 2nd, 2018

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