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Real QUEENS Fix One Another’s Crowns

Real QUEENS Fix One Another’s Crowns

The definition of a queen is a woman of supremacy, royal-like; the foremost or pre- eminent in any respect, like Queen Nefertiti of Egypt, or the first African American Beauty Queen, Vanessa Williams or the most-high of Hip Hop, our Majesty. Queen Latifah! However, for all the good we seem to know from childhood about queens, we as Women, particularly women of color, seem to forget the true meaning of a Queen when it needs to be demonstrated most. More often than not, I see my sistahs are allowing money, fame, and a desperate need for attention, to effect their Queen-Dom and lead some to set a horrible example for our little princesses of how to move on their journey to being a queen. If we don’t get right soon….Our little Girls of the World will be headed towards a lifetime of adult doom….and we will be guilty of guiding them to the wrong damn room.

Image is everything or at least that’s what they say, right? Well if that is true, then we must remind our Little Ladies in Training that the negative, ghetto-like, misogynist, degrading images of women in music videos, reality TV, books, and movies do not represent ALL WOMEN! Let them know they should Dream to be a Queen and remind them that queens are above pettiness, drama, and stupidity. Let them know that Queens set good examples for princesses to aspire to like being educated innovators, fearless game changers, and energetic entrepreneurs. Tell them how real women do not spit on someone else’s shine. Let them know that real women help each other, and support each other and most importantly….we love one another. Queens don’t hate, We Congratulate! Queens don’t Tear Down, We stick around! Queens don’t do The Mean Girl, We Run the World!!! Quite simply my sisters, remind our baby girls that Queens DO NOT TEAR EACH OTHER DOWN, We FIX One another’s Crowns!!!! This way our girls will know the difference and act accordingly with what we, Queens let them know is good to fix our neighborhoods! If you didn’t know….now you do and when We KNOW better, We are forced to SHOW better!!!!!

As always it is my pleasure to bring you another B Cyde Mental Meal to chew on throughout your week. Be sure to Plan to JOIN the JAM this Saturday with the show dubbed The Soul train of Radio, Back on the B Cyde w/T Elice & Kymmie K 11a.m. only on the multi-award winning

Tracie Christian

March 25th, 2017

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