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Real Situations Expose Fake People

Real Situations Expose Fake People

Friendships are awesome occurrences in life, however, no matter how pleasant, fun and adventurous our friendships may be, it is always imperative to check your inner circle. Checkup by doing an impromptu, honest assessment of the people around you in order to make sure the quantity of folks hanging around doesn’t overshadow the quality people you really need. Now surveying your circle takes finesse and tact. It’s not something one has to announce as it easier to see when people are unsuspecting. During a quiet observation, you may come to find that for most Loyalty has a deadline but Integrity never fades. With that said, once you see the scenario remember that only real situations expose fake friends.

It is ultra-easy for folks to hang around on the sunny days because as New Edition says, “sunny days everybody loves them, but can they stand the rain?” When your life gets murky, quirky or is simply not working can you count on those you hold the closest? When life gives us turmoil or even just disarray, more often than not, the numbers drastically decrease in people willing to stick and stay through the storm. Numbers are always high in the good times but please believe many will bounce without warning once it becomes under-exciting to hang around. When it gets challenging and we must call on the Creator for help, there are never as many people around to hold our hands as there are when we don’t need hand-holding. That is mostly because helping others through a trial takes empathy, and work and honesty that most don’t even know how to activate much less do they know when. The fact of the matter is real situations will always expose fake people. You will surely learn who your friends are when your life is a Reality Soap Opera and YOU are the star. The friends who have a genuine, unfaltering love for you will not disappear at the first sign of strife in your life, so here’s a clue survey your circle to see who is really down for you!

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Tracie Christian

June 23rd, 2018

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