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Strength & Growth come only w/continuous Effort & Struggle

Strength & Growth come only w/continuous Effort & Struggle


When you hear people say, “Nothing worth having is ever easy,” what do you think they mean? Do you think they are joking? Do you think they are trying to scare you? Or are you like me and know that sentence to be true? See I take that phrase to mean that anything that you do not have, but want is going to require some work. I think it’s one of the most real ways to tell you that work will not be easy. It’s a short cool way of reminding you that working for what you want is how you mature. It’s how you build your track record. It’s how you learn how strong you really are because when everything you want is given to you without work…you cannot appreciate the give. You don’t grow and you never get to know your own strength. You see in this life it is best to start out knowing that Strength and Growth come only through continuous Effort and Struggle! Yes, everything you want will require you to step out of your comfort zone and that alone, will not be easy. In spite of difficulties, you have to keep striving and no matter how hard it gets you are not supposed to quit! If you stick and stay you will get all that you want and more will be headed you way so, Trust, Believe and Get Busy!

As always it is my pleasure to bring you another B Cyde Mental Meal to chew on throughout your week! Plan to Join the Jam this Saturday with the only show dubbed the SOUL TRAIN of radio Back on the B Cyde at 11am only on


Tracie Christian

August 13th, 2016

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