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The One Who Says it Can’t be Done Should Never Interrupt the One Doing It

The One Who Says it Can’t be Done Should Never Interrupt the One Doing It

I wish we could just rid the world of the Haters! You all know who I am talking about. The ones who find the black cloud in a sunny day! The ones who think most everything is wrong, which demonstrates why they aren’t right. Yet as much as we would all like to get rid of them, dream-busting haters have been around since the beginning of time. Since it’s a part of the human experience to deal with a hater, I say every now and then it’s okay to direct a known hater back to their proper place; in the background observing…debating and commentating on how the real bosses.. move.

Attention all Haters, always remember, those who can do and those who cannot Hate on those who do. Be mindful of the label that describes you. Most people hate on things they can never imagine or things they do not understand. However please know you are not fooling anyone with your hater ways. What you fail to realize is that hating as a verb, is an over-exercised, poor, overt demonstration of immaturity. Grown folks ask questions to gain wisdom. Children say they don’t like something without ever trying it. Kids can get away with it because they are kids. However, on an adult it just makes them look silly and a bit juvenile. People also hate on those taking action when they don’t. Again though the result is counter-productive to making them look bad. Instead, the judgmental stares are directed on the buffoon in the room that is downplaying or denigrating a person of action when they have taken none. Simply put, the one who says it can’t be done should never interrupt the one doing it. For once take the high road, you just might find the view is better from being on top next to a winner…even if you are the beginner.

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Tracie Christian

March 4th, 2017

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