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There is a distinct Difference between Happiness & Fulfillment

There is a distinct Difference between Happiness & Fulfillment

Everyone in this day and time seems to be tripping, slipping and falling all up and through the motions to get a little bit of happiness. And why not, when everybody knows it feels better to be happy rather than to be sad. However, in the never-ending quest for happiness most rarely venture into the territory of seeking fulfillment instead. Fulfillment is defined by as the state or quality of being fulfilled; realization of completion. It seems that fulfillment is what folks should be seeking over mere happiness and allows me to break down why.

Happiness comes to us in moments. They can be numerous in quality and quantity and just as easily happiness can show itself in moments that come far, few and in between. One thing is for certain though, happiness as a stand-alone entity is a temporary type of thing and rarely lasts for the long term. However, fulfillment lasts longer as we can find joy in things that will add to our quality of living and make it a part of our lives forever because it always makes us feel good. That is an example of fulfillment and that, in itself, can create the kind of happiness that lasts. One is a byproduct of the other and should never be confused as doing so will put you on the path to lose. That is why it is imperative to always remember that there is a distinct difference between Happiness and Fulfillment to enhance your life’s enrichment!

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Tracie Christian

June 30th, 2018

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