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To go Fast, Go Alone To go Far, go TOGETHER!

To go Fast, Go Alone To go Far, go TOGETHER!

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Everybody needs somebody for motivation, education, interpretation and dedication. We all need each one and when we’ve exhausted all the ways to give it to ourselves, we lean on others we trust to give us one or more of the four. That said, the world could easily be a better place if we trusted there are more good people out there than bad, and letting others in can be a good thing. Sometimes the folks that help aren’t the folks we think will. We may never see who is down for us until we’re down needing help to get back up. Trusting the creator will reveal who is real at the right time is vital.

We work faster alone because no one is there to challenge us, however that doesn’t always mean it’s the best way to go every time. I learned that for all I found that I was totally capable of doing by myself, I found more I did well with others. It is true what they say…there is strength in numbers and teamwork can make the dream work indeed. I had many things in artistry that I desired to do however, I did not know the right place to start. A friend gave me direction as she pushed me into the lime light, oftentimes kicking and screaming because I thought I wasn’t ready. Yet she knew better than that and on our travels, I met a wealth of folks that further encouraged the reluctant artist inside of me. Had I opted to go that journey alone, I might still be stuck trying to push my inexperienced luck, going nowhere fast. I’m glad I was open to assistance on the journey so that I could go farther with a friend. That friend taught me that, “the best exercise is reaching down and pulling someone else up,” because even when “I” is replaced with “we” Illness becomes Wellness. Therefore remember, to go fast, go alone…but to go far, go TOGETHER to get Better!

As always it is my pleasure to bring you another Mental Meal to chew on for the week. Plan to JOIN the JAM this Saturday at 11am with the Soul Train of radio, Back on the B Cyde Baby w/Kymmie K, AJ Patruski & T Elice for some retro peace only on

Tracie Christian

December 19th, 2015

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