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What Can One Say About Mothers? – A Tribute Poem

What Can One Say About Mothers? – A Tribute Poem

What can one say about Mothers that hasn’t already been said?

They Show Up and Show out…always on time,

Knows how to initiate action by just giving a simple sign and

Can cold instigate the business when folks get out of line…


I mean what can I say about Mi Madres that all don’t already know?

We talk about the clean house and how she cooks

She is all about walking with a stride of clout like a Boss and

Will make most pay the cost, likely to stalk her kids seriously about their books


Hell I could tell you all about how she cares,

A Dedicated, motivator who takes pride in always being there

Through the sunshine and the rain

Through the fire, helping us withstand all the pain…

She teaches us over years decades and generations

She takes form just to give you a sense of the norm…

Even though those that share with you no blood relation.


She is the Original Queen Bee…

She was the first to tell us all that we could be

Whatever we want, without having to always flaunt what we think we know

And when we stumble she never laughs or basks in the failure of the show

She gets low…and deep with a God-given love

I know because those who are not here still feel it from their Mother Angels above…


She is the Maternal Sister/Friend

She Who Lends to Mothering Surrogate Seeds

She Who Bends Abundantly to give those she loves whatever the Need

She is a Rare Breed…


The Fairest Mother of Them All…

Multi-Tasking, Never Asking for permission to be…

Bred to be led by her Integrity!


Trust Mother Earth…

Knows her Worth and…

The Value in Schooling her Daughters

For she’s intellectually Insane in the Membrane

Reigning with an Imperial Wisdom that NEVER Falters

For she is too Unique to be Altered.


I wish I could tell you I’m a perfect mother…but that lie I won’t even begin

Because being one-third as good as the Mother I’ve got would be considered a Definitive WIN.

And so Let’s not pretend…

Like we don’t Love her…

So much so that not nan other’s love can be catapulted above her.

As she is my Beginning and

I plan to Please her ‘til the end

I think I’m gonna let her KNOW how

For her, my Grows with each passing breeze that blows

I’m gonna tell her Now all about the goods seeds she’s sown

so that she knows…

Although a Perfect Mother will never exist…

My Mommy’s Love comes as close as Perfect gets!

She wears her protection like a Smoker’s Patch,

Ever cares with affection that is forever UNMATCHED!

So join me in saluting all the Mothers…for You Ladies give Good Love to your Babies like No Other!

Written by Tracie “T Elice” Christian – (c) Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved

Tracie Christian

May 13th, 2017

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