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What PRINCE means to ME – A Tribute

What PRINCE means to ME – A Tribute

imgresHe was the one that made it okay to admit I too had a DIRTY MIND. Even after record company battles and changing his Name he still brought us “1000 XO’s” cause he was a musician Great before his time. People said he was raunchy and naughty before it was cool to be that way, but He told me I was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD and it made me want to play. His every line every word would make me go musically insane. He made me want to embrace life and take time to bask in his PURPLE RAIN. It is because of Him that I proclaimed, “LET’S GO CRAZY” and party like it’s “1999” each and every new year! And now that he’s gone, I’m sad but can’t shed a tear. I’d rather jam instead…to CONTROVERSY or even a little HEAD.  Because he infected me as He even effected fashion in an extra special way. In the late eighties yawl don’t know nothing about me making my grandmother search high and low to find me a RASPBERRY BERET. He influenced so much about the person I am and even had the ability to change my moods. PINK CASHMERE is still one of my ultimate chill-lax go to grooves. He is the only one I know who could make a song called DAMN U. He grooved so hard he even made my Mother shake a tail feather or two. He broke the rules and made new molds. He moved masterfully like a Fearless Innovator making a tune called PUSSY CONTROL!!! Who does that but him…No one as of Today and no one else ever will…Move the Masses before their time, to the beat of his own rhyme…hit the stage with an instrumental medley and Still Kill. Prince Rogers Nelson was is name and His Musical Majesty will forever Reign as his claim to fame. He’s at the TOP of my HIT List and so are damn near all his jams. So join me in a proverbial Standing Ovation to not only Prince the Musician but to PRINCE the Purple Passionate Music Man!!!!

Tracie Christian

April 21st, 2016


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