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When YOU Have a Problem w/Someone Else, Remember it’s Your Problem

When YOU Have a Problem w/Someone Else, Remember it’s Your Problem

While life is always nice living in the sunshine, rain is always imminent. Look at life’s circumstances the same way. Even those we love to the moon and back have the ability to disappoint and even hurt us be it intentional or not and the aftermath of those occurrences can indeed pierce the soul. However, it is at those exact times that it is imperative for Grown Folks to remember, that when you do have a problem with someone else, it is your problem and yours alone. That said, be ready to deal with said problem alone and with very little assistance from anyone else short of the Creator.

Simply put, it is immature to try to gauge, or better yet, guilt someone into taking on the responsibility of solving your damn problems, especially if the problem is one you have with them. People who act this way have accountability twisted and need to get right or get on! Manipulative methods to make others seem somehow responsible for your impression of them is wrong. Sometimes it’s not what you see that is wrong. It’s more about your distorted vision instead. The way we view people and situations is a part of what makes us who we are sure, but considering we are works in progress, those methods should be ever-changing. It’s not another’s fault as to a problem I have with them. It’s my issue to deal with, accept or change. They may never change but, I sure can make the decision to and then my end of the problem is being worked on and that is the absolute best thing I can do for that problem. We cannot lay our burdens and issues on others no matter how responsible for them we wish they were. The reality is Your Problem with someone says a lot more about YOU than it will ever say about another you will discover! Maybe, just maybe it is not so much about what you see, but the glasses through which you are looking that needs cleaning. So get out the tissue…so you can dismiss the issue!

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Tracie Christian

May 27th, 2017

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