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Why Whine when clearly it’s Grind Time

Why Whine when clearly it’s Grind Time

We all have issues and no matter how much we’ve got, most will always want more. Although obstacles are a part of any journey, many still make time to whine when they see an obstruction in the way. People complain about troubles like no one else suffers from them. Like the world, as they know it will abruptly end once a problem has been discovered and in reality, nothing can be further from the truth.

Obstacles in our path can prove to us a few things. First, a stumbling block in the path could signal to us what’s to come. Putting us in problem solver mode from the onset is a protective measure that will always serve us well on the journey. Second, obstacles give us a clear view of what will not work in our quest. In order to fully gauge what will work, we have to stumble a bit over what doesn’t work. Third, we encounter the depth of our passion for the goal when trouble getting there is in our midst. If we don’t work to find a solution, then maybe we really didn’t want it that bad. Regardless of what obstacles can teach us, whining about problems is counter-productive to getting past them. It is simply more effective to shut up and get busy. Once a problem is realized there is really only one course of action to be taken. Why whine when clearly it’s Grind Time? Frankly, to whine is a waste of your time that will cause you to stall, so find your grind to get resolve!

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Tracie Christian

January 13th, 2018

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