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You Cannot Make people See what they Choose to stay Blind to

You Cannot Make people See what they Choose to stay Blind to

Take the pledge right now to no longer get mad at those who do not support your dreams. Do this because you finally took the time to look at the issue from that other perspective. They cannot support that which they do not see, and that does not make them bad people. Simply because the Vision (i.e. your dream) wasn’t given to them. It was given to you so don’t expect for anyone to see it clearer than you do. Be prepared to be your own #1 fan. Get ready to be the only one shouting in that much needed Amen Corner when no one else sticks around long enough to join you. The grind is yours and yours oftentimes, alone and it is high time to recognize your boss abilities and be ready to execute them solo if you have to.

Let’s be honest. If we waited for support of others to get things done, they would never happen. You cannot force others to find value in the treasures of your mind, any more than you can force them to share the pleasures of their heart. Support is a decision and you have a serious one to make once you find the support lacking from those you thought it was supposed to ooze from. Do not allow yourself to get caught up in others doubt when it comes to your “WHY”. Work hard and put action to your aspirations. When you’re winning people flock to be on the team so re-charge your battery from lack of support by making the seemingly impossible happen. Others will then come in droves to court and support a dream realized faster than one dream of. Just move accordingly remembering that you cannot make people see what they choose to stay blind to…work hard and let the support find you!

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Tracie Christian

December 11th, 2016

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