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Detroit’s Own Film Producer Randy Holloway

Detroit’s Own Film Producer Randy Holloway


If you don’t know who Randy Holloway is by now and you’re in the filming, acting, movie production industry you need to get to know this phenomenal, hardworking, brilliant, talented man. Randy Holloway is definitely breaking barriers for the city into the mainstream production industry, from American Idol, to the Sundance Film Festival.

I first meet Randy at the launch party for the 2017 Vision Awards during the 2016 International Auto Show Media Week. When we were introduced to each other right before my Interview of him, I didn’t know exactly who I was being introduced to. I try to make it a habit of saying a person’s name that I first meet at least 10 times. As I’m saying his name “Randy Holloway, Randy Holloway Marc what’s his name Randy Holloway, wait what does he do again”? Is this the Randy Holloway that produced the book BIANCA by Eugene Williams? Certainly it was. Turns out Randy is a big fan of Marc D and 7mile Radio. I told him then that we had to get him in the studio for an interview. In his own humble and modest way he agreed.

Randy Holloway is definitely a man of his word as he came to 7mile Radio studio to give a live on air interview. BIANCA being a great read itself was brought to life in Film by Randy. The launching of the movie was in Dec. 2015 it was such a great turn out the buzz of BIANCA quickly grew there will be another screening for the film in 2016. I’m so looking forward to being in attendance at the second screening of the film BIANCA. Randy is such an easy going person whom is on a rise for greatness he’s hard at work with projects from the 2017 Vision Awards to possible making a film with the Will Smith.

It was such an honor to be in the same room with Randy and to learn of his experiences in the industry. Like I said Detroit is on the rise and he’s one of the fore frontiers. Keep a look out on his many projects Detroit. Thank you Randy Holloway for gracing our listeners with your presence, experience’s, and words of encouragement. A Diamond in the Rough.



March 1st, 2016


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