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7Mile Radio heads to Flint Mi. to help !

7Mile Radio heads to Flint Mi. to help !


The staff & partners will visit Flint MI. the morning of Sunday January 24th to deliver Food, clothes, water as well as looking to work with laundromats & Fitness Gyms and other facilities in cities surrounding Flint where residents effected by the water crisis can go to eat, shower & wash clothes when needed. We understand that water is the main concern, but we also realize that there is alot more that the people of Flint MI. need as a result of not having access to clean water.

We have already established partnerships with local grocery stores, dollar stores, convenient stores, and clothing outlets who have all agreed to either donate goods, or match what food, water or clothing we are able to purchase . We are also making connections with facilities where residents can go to shower and do laundry if needed. We ask that you donate what ever you can to help us do our part to help fill the void that the citizens of Flint Mi. are feeling in these trying times. Click the badge belot to send Monetary donations .

For food, clothing, other donations or resources you may have please contact us at :

Leave “Help For Flint” in your message subject for speedy reply! Thanks in Advance

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Me and the 7mile radio staff and along with a few of our partners will be heading to Flint this Sunday, Jan 24th with water, food, clothes & resources where people effected can shower and wash clothes… If you would like to go with us to help out, or if you have anything to donate we will have a drop off location set up Friday and saturday morning (or inbox me for immediate drop off location ) Monetary donations can be sent

Posted by Marc D’Andre on Wednesday, January 20, 2016


January 20th, 2016

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