Jill P.

Jills pill on Charles Pugh

Jills pill on Charles Pugh






On Wednesday former Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh was in court accepting A PLEA DEAL! I’m sure no one has forgotten the once Fox 2 news anchor, radio personality, turned politician. This guy was on to the beginning of what should have been the best times of his life. His name was ringing in the streets of Detroit. Hell I’ve met the man when I worked at a sub shop in the heart of downtown Detroit, and had the most pleasant and down to earth conversation with him. While it wasn’t the $5 foot long place, seems Pugh should have taken a note from Jared’s book {shade =)}. Apparently Pugh pled guilty to two counts of third degree criminal sexual conduct. Admitting to having sex with the then 13 {between 13-15} year old victim, prosecutors would drop the three counts on first degree charges of rape {which would have given him three life sentences}.




MY SPILL: So let me add that he was not charged but ordered to pay $250,000 in 2013….now he’s getting ready to serve his 5 1/2 to 15 year bid. I find it a bit ironic how they made sure he paid up before making him serve time. This guy is sick. You could have had ANYBODY you wanted but you chose a child! I’m giving Pugh our ‘donkey of the day’. I really do despise predators but I also hate when people wait to tell what’s happened to you. This whole story just screams MESSY, okay! Unfortunately for this black male he must serve his time. I’m hopeful he will get some type of mental evaluation. We need to open more dialect between our children and ourselves. Know where your children are. Speak to their teachers, friends. ASK QUESTIONS & BE REAL. Charles Pugh has damaged this young man permanently and frankly will get what he deserves, karma….


October 27th, 2016

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